MB SD Connect Compact C4 software fail to test

alice88auto | 12 March, 2019 07:28

When the car starts and all cables are connected well, the software driver is installed, but it fails to test, the first thing to do is self-test, self-test can help make sure whether the hardware is working or not. Take my own story for example, several days, when I start DAS, it says it is developer version, but the software is developer version under some menus. I am NOT connected to the internet when diagnosing a car, only the SD-Box is connected to the notebook via WLAN. Is it or is it not a developer version?
Then I need to firstly well set the MB SD C4, then go to self-test C4, finally find out where is the problem according to the self-test results. I would like to share the steps on self-test.
Step 1: click “STAR UTILITIES”.

Step 2: Click “Self Diagnosis” and then click “CAESAR Self Diagnosis”.

Step 3: under SDconnect Toolkit, the toolkit is being initialized, several seconds later, the self-test has started, I find the signal light is receiving sign, and SDconnect name displays Part D and the Power supply display “Vehicle”, the process display the procedure.

Step 4: after the self-test is finished, again click “CAESAR Self Diagnosis” to open the self-test report. Take the following report for example, the following reports shows MB Star Diagnostic Tools MB SD C4 has no problem.
Device: Part D
SDconnect Toolkit – device diagnostic – Part D
CAESAR STOS+Rev: 2.12 from Jun 16 2005
generated protocol file from 12.12.2010 04:01
SystemCheck :
Check serial ………..0 OK
CAESAR  HW Detection :
D2Access… 0 OK
D2DownLoad …0 OK

CAESAR Part D2 detected on COM2 WITH baudrate: 19200
CAESAR version check:
User is Daimler-Benz AG
User Authentification 1
Classification 0
Serial number 029866


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